A) The Metavectum Prevention Test diagnoses impairment, a malfunctioning or illness at an early stage using a newly developed array analysis of the overall metabolism. Based on the results a therapy proposal is submitted.

Deviations in the metabolism which can lead to illness are recognized very early, so that suitable measures can be taken.taken in advance.

The test is also used to get information about beginning metabolic changes during and after a tumor therapy which may indicate a relapse or at an early stage slipping of the metabolism into e.g. cachexia.

For analytical purpose devices are available which are ordinarily to be found only in bigger pharmaceutical companies (600 MHz NMR coupled with Mass spectrometry and HPLC).

These data at low molecular weight level (Metabolome) are coupled with data from gene expression levels (Transcriptome), protein levels (Proteome) and gene mutation analysis and reveal in such way a detailed picture of the whole metabolism.