The blood should be drawn into the enclosed BD Vacutainers. For the isolation of CTC it is important to use EDTA Vacutainers (Lila Cap) preferentially made of glass. In total, approx. 42 ml of blood in five Vacutainers and approx. 10ml blood in a serum vessel (Red Cap) is needed for a complete analysis.

Recommend for Blood drawn

Materials required:

   (1) BD Vacutainer blood collection set (butterfly)
   (2) BD Vacutainer holder
   (3) a) BD Vacutainer collection tube, 10 ml (glass, Lila Cap, EDTA, for CTC isolation)
          b) BD Vacutainer collection tube, 10 ml

Step 1:

Remove the blood collection set from the packaging and attach it to the BD Vacutainer holder. Never use a blood collection without the holder.

Step 2:

Penetrate the vein by using standard needle insertion technique. If the vein is properly penetrated, blood will enter the tubing.

Step 3:

While the needle is still in the vein, apply the green capped glass tube to the BD Vacutainer Holder until the tube is filled with blood. Remove the tube from the holder. If more than one tube has to be collected, insert a new one into the holder. Upon completion the collection, apply light pressure to blood collection site and withdraw blood collection set.