B) The Metavectum Tumor-Therapy Test pinpoints the "Achilles' heel" of the tumor on a genomic and proteomic level and based on the results a therapy proposal is submitted. Tumors develop a very individual profile which is different from person to person. Consequently the medical treatment of the tumor must be carried out individually.

Test materials in the Metavectum Tumor Test are a biopsy of the primary tumor and/or circulating tumor cells (CTC) from the blood of the patient which are the link between primary tumor and metastases. CTC provide information with which drugs tumor and metastases can be treated.

The test system determines from the bulk of the approved tumor drugs the optimum drug for the respective patient. For this purpose 80 gene expressions (RT-PCR) are determined in the transcriptome of the tumor cell. The data are connected with results of a gene mutation analysis, protein levels and metabolism analysis and provide a detailed picture of the whole tumor metabolism.

The results obtained in the respective test systems assist the attending doctor both in his diagnosis and the choice of an optimal, individualised therapy that is adapted to the client’s profile.

The Metavectum analytical system can subsequently be used to monitor the efficiency of the therapy. From the data important statements can also be derived for a long time forecast with regard to the appearance of relapses and metastases.

If data from the molecular-biological analysis indicate after surgical or radio therapeutic removal of the primary tumor, that the aggressiveness of the tumor and the probability is low for the appearance of relapses, low-dose chemotherapy can be initiated. Only in individual cases one can spend chemotherapy. However, this makes a semi-annual monitoring necessary urgently.

The procedure is also suited for intermittent therapy monitoring and therapy adaptation, if e.g. a tumor was driven into to a resectable form by individual chemotherapy, but on account of molecular-biological data relapses are likely.

The expenses of the Metavectum Tumor Test are covered normally by the private health insurance.

For both tests 40 ml blood and a urine specimen are required respectively, which must be sent by express delivery to Metavectum so that they reach the laboratory in Hamburg or Bangkok with 24 hours. The specimens must not be frozen. Biopsy specimens from solid tumours should be packed in Dry Ice in order to ensure their stability during transport. On request Metavectum will supply an appropriate kit containing all necessary materials, information and instructions and will arrange shipping.

The analysis is performed step by step, that is, the client and/or the attending doctor are informed of the intermediate results and can decide on the continuation. The analyses in the Prevention Test take between two and five weeks; for the Tumour Test a time of two to three weeks should be expected. Handling, shipping and costs of the analyses are shown in the test request form (page 9-22).