C) To meet inquiries of the patients and therapists for Preventive and Accompanying Substances, Metavectum has developed methods to prepare ultrapure substances (99.9%), which have turned out in clinical studies to be effective in the periphery of tumor diseases. These substances are modulating but not curative.

Examples are:

         Apigenin: Clinical studies (Ohio State University in 2013) show a preventive effect against metastases of breast and prostate tumors as well as         prevention in general.

         Sulforafan/Querzetin: Clinical studies (Heidelberg DKFZ in 2012) show an effect to tumor stem cells and tumor-inducing cells in such a way, that         they make these cells attackable for the immune system.

         S-Equol: Reduction of postmenopausal discomfort.

         DBP-MAF: Immune stimulant.

         In preparation: Curcumin, Resveratrol, Silibinin, Taurolidin, Vitamin C, Indol-3-carbinol, Berberin.